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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What types of organizations participate in scrip?

    Just about any non-profit group including religious organizations, schools, cub scouts and boy/girl scouts, sports and music booster groups, and more use scrip sales to generate additional revenue.

    How do I pay for the scrip?

    You should pay at the TBS office by a check made out to 'Temple Beth Sholom'. If you wish, you may also pay at the time of order on the website using a major credit card with a small convenience fee added that is posted on the website.

    How soon after I buy the scrip online do I have to pay for it?

    If you are paying by check, please pay for the scrip as quickly as possible at the TBS office so your order will be placed in the next TBS bulk order.

    Where do the scrip cards come from?

    TBS buys most of them from a wholesaler, Great Lakes Scrip Center, who purchases the scrip cards directly from the retailers. The cards we provide to our coordinators are the same gift cards you would buy if you went to the participating retailer and purchased them yourself. In some cases, we buy from local businesses directly, ie., TBS family businesses that decide to participate, Fairways Markets, etc.

    Can I use the scrip cards anywhere?

    Yes, the scrip cards are accepted at all participating retailer locations for that card. Many cards also have other stores owned by the parent company listed that will honor the card, on the back of the card. This is especially true for restaurants. Most are national retailers with some being regional or very local retailers so make sure you look first before ordering. You may look up any of the participating retailers online or ask a TBS Scrip coordinator.

    Will there ever be changes to the participating retailer list?

    Definitely! New retailers will be added periodically including some local retailers and TBS family businesses and occasionally there are short term incentives offered by retailers in increased percentages to TBS. Please continue to check the list regularly and recommend stores to us if they are interested in being added to the list especially if you use them frequently.

    What if I lose a scrip card(s) or if it is stolen?

    A scrip card is treated the same as CASH! As a result, there is no way to stop action on a lost or stolen card or replace the lost or stolen card.

    Do scrip cards expire?

    New Jersey enacted Assembly Bill 1079 which amends the state’s existing gift card law in several important ways. The new law took effect April 4, 2006. This law:
    • prohibits gift cards and gift scrip cards from expiring within 24 months of issue
    • prohibits charging dormancy fees within 24 months of issue or within 24 months of the most recent transaction
    • prohibits dormancy fees that exceed $2.00 per month
    In addition, gift cards and gift scrip cards will not expire and will not be subject to dormancy fees unless the following disclosures are made at the time of purchase: the terms of expiration dates and/or dormancy fees and a telephone number a consumer can call for information on expiration dates and dormancy fees must be printed in at least 10 point font (1) on the gift card or gift certificate, (2) on the packaging for the gift card or gift certificate.* *http://www.loeb.com/newjerseyamendsgiftcardlaw/ We recommend you buy and use all cards in a timely manner to avoid loss of cards or the 2 year expiration period.

    Is there a minimum amount of scrip cards that I have to order?

    No. TBS has no minimum order amount other than the values listed on the order form. You may buy one $10 card for a given store or as many different stores and values as you desire.

    Do I have to order every week? How often can I order?

    You can order as frequently or infrequently as you wish. TBS coordinators will schedule their scrip orders once or twice a week depending on the total volume of scrip purchased.

    Does it cost a family anything to participate? Do we have to sell anything?

    There are no membership fees or application fees for you or TBS. TBS families simply pay face value for the scrip cards they order. We hope all families will enlist relatives, friends and neighbors and even co-workers to buy scrip. If they do, your family receives the credit for their purchases! But this is not a requirement.

    What does it mean to get 'credit' from scrip purchases made by our family, friends, etc.?

    TBS will occasionally run different contests and offer incentives for our members involving the purchase of scrip. All scrip purchased by your family, friends, neighbors, or co-workers accumulates to your family as if you had purchased the scrip. This is because the contest programs are only for TBS members and not cash prizes that could be awarded to non-members.

    Can I use scrip to pay department store charge account balances?

    A few retailers allow you to pay charge account balances with scrip, but generally speaking, most do not. TBS coordinators can search our online participating retailers list for specific information on which retailers do and do not accept scrip for charge account balances so please ask. Where and when possible, we will post this information on this website.

    What if I don't want to write checks to TBS for scrip purchases?

    You can pay by check or charge card to TBS. However, there is a small convenience charge for credit card use that is posted at the time of check out when you elect to use a credit card for payment.

    When will I get my order?

    Depending on the total TBS order, the time can be a 3 days to two weeks. Most of the time it will be within 5 days of TBS placing an order - not when you place your order with TBS, therefore we suggest you order as early as possible especially for food scrip or if you intend to give them as gift cards for presents.

    Oops! I forgot to order a few things. Can I add on to my order?

    You can always place additional orders at ANY time. Generally speaking, if TBS has not placed the total membership order for the week, assuming payment has been made to TBS, it will be added and delivered at the same time. If you need to get additional scrip cards after you've placed your order, and TBS has already placed your original order, we will be happy to take an additional order which will be processed and billed separately.
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